Monday, December 7, 2009

New Swagbuck

FYI~there is a new swagbuck out.  Check out the blog entry here for more details.  I read the blog, and found it with no problems!

If you haven't joined Swagbucks yet, go here, and register for free!

They'll give you 3 swagbucks just for registering.  Then head to swagbucks, every time you need to search online, and earn swagbucks.  They offer extra opportunities each week to earn even more swagbucks, such as the one I mentioned above.

I just joined a couple months ago, and I already was able to cash in 2 gift cards, for a total of $10, and I am just about ready to cash in the next one.  Nice to make some money for searching, isn't it?

My 'frugal' game plan, is to earn my swagbucks from now until next December, and cash them in each time I earn enough for a gift card.  Then next fall/winter, I will knock some of my Christmas shopping off the list with the money in my Amazon account!
I will start posting on here, when I notice a new swag hunt has began!

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