Monday, January 25, 2010

Chicken Used 3 Ways

Something funny to start your morning; last night as my 2 kiddos ate their chicken legs off our crockpot rotisserie chicken, we have a conversation about whether or not they are 'real' chicken legs.  My 3 year old, Brady proceeds to ask where the head is?  (which was his same question at Thanksgiving~boys!!!)  My 5 year old, Kelsea then, very matter of factly, informs him, that we can't eat the head, because then when we went to talk, all that would come out is balk, balk!  She felt so confident in her response, I had to struggle to keep my giggles in...

Anyway~thought I would share with you, how I use a whole chicken for 3 different things.  This was not something I thought up, but borrowed from one of the blogs I frequent. 

1st night ~ rotisserie chicken crockpot style
2nd day ~shred the rest of the chicken off the bones and make homemade chicken broth
Later~ I will use the leftover shredded chicken for either chicken fajitas, tacos, chicken nachos, or some sort of a cassarole that calls for shredded or diced chicken.  We had a bunch leftover from tonight, since J is out of town on business, so tomorrow we'll be treating some friends to chicken paninis for lunch!

It's a great, frugal way to stretch out the chicken!  I'm going to do a post later and include some of the websites/blog that I frequently get recipes and ideas from!

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