Friday, January 29, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day

I am participating in a freezer cooking day!  I will be joining Money Saving Mom, and Life As Mom, as well as many other bloggers!  I'd love to have you join in too!

A freezer cooking day, is just what it sounds like.  A day devoted to cooking things that will stock up your freezer!  It requires some extra planning to make sure you have your recipes, groceries, and 'to-do' list in order, but it is WELL worth the effort!

I will be doing my cooking on Monday, but plan a day that is convenient for you, and stock yourself up for the month of February!  I am aiming to have some quick grab meals, and breads made, to help out with those nights, when I just can't pull something else together.  (did I mention that I am working as a part-time teacher at Kelseas Elem. School?)

Here's what I will aim for:

Slow Cooker Chuck Roast-3 meals worth
Ground Turkey (cooked ahead for spaghetti sauce/pizza topping)
Chimichangas- 2 meals worth
Chicken Tettrazini -3 meals worth
Chicken Ziti- 3 meals worth
Marinated Chicken Breasts
Banana Bread x 2

YES, Brady will still be home; there will be some play-doh, some V-tech, some coloring, some napping, and some helping keeping him busy!  Yes, all of the groceries for this day are coming out of our regular grocery budget.  Yes, I will post pictures, and update my progress as I go.  Hopefully the final picture will be one that I can be proud to share!

Check back to see my progress!  I plan on posting a breakdown of what my freezer cooking day will look like on Sunday afternoon!

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