Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Frugal Valentines Day

Just because we're frugal, and we like live to save, doesn't mean that we skip celebrating holidays!  We're going to put more effort into being creative around the holidays this year, and not just 'heading to the store.' 

Especially where the kids are concerned.  They learn more from what you do, than what you say, you know!

Here are some cute ideas I found floating around the web, that will help to get the kids involved in celebrating Valentines Day, the 'hand-made' way!

Printable Valentines Day Cards -the small ones for kids to pass out
Gifts from the Kitchen Stickers -to attach to any homemade treat you cook up~I would just print these on cardstock and hole punch them and tie them to a homemade treat, since I don't have sticker paper at home already.
'Lollipop Homemade Valentine - simple that even young kids could make
Lollipop Flowers -this is what Kelsea is making, but we will just do the flower, and I'm printing labels that say 'happy Valentines Day, love, kelsea, that she will stick onto the lollipop stick. ***I will post pictures when we get these done; we're going to work on them this weekend!
Valentine Party Straws
To a Pop-Pop Popular Teacher-teachers gift

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