Thursday, January 14, 2010

Groceries ~ Jan 14th

Well, I made my list, and did my shopping!  I hit 3 stores today, and only because I was near a Walmart, which I usually am not, so I stopped in. 

Spent: $3.67

Apples: $1.19
Pears: $.99
Pineapple: $1.49

Spent: $22.79
*Not much on sale...just stocking up on some necessities that are running low.  Somehow my bananas didn't make it into the picture!

Spent: $27.40
Saved: $52.27

Check my post HERE for the coupon match ups, and most items listed with their price!

SO~for the week, I am UNDERBUDGET! I spent $53.86 of my $80 budget! This was a lite week, since I didn't need to buy meat, and particularly since there wasn't much on sale I was interested in. I did manage to stock up on canned veggies, trash bags, and flour, which will all last me for a while!
 I might buzz over to Winn-Dixie later this week to pick up a whole chicken which is on sale for $.79/lb!!!

And, we'll be eating well...I'll post what we'll be eating next week on Monday!

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