Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8th-Publix/Albertsons/W.Dixie Shopping Trip

Here's what I got for the week: (click photos for larger view)

Publix Total: $54.79
Publix Savings: $69.93
See my post HERE for all the coupon match-ups.

2 Juicy juice, Angel Soft 12 rolls: $4.49  ($1/1 HERE use zip code 20210)
Lays Chips x 2, String Beans, Cucumbers, Green Onions, 3 tomatoes, 3 lbs Apples, 2 bags of cascadian farms veggies, American Cheese, Lenders Bagels x 2 , 2 bags American Salad, Vegetable Oil, Betty Crocker Muffins x 2, Yellow Rice,Rold Gold Pretzels x 2 bags, Low Sodium Bacon, Lunch Meat, BNLS Chix Breasts, Ground Turkey, PAM Spray, Teddy Grahams, Ritz Bits, Ronzoni Wheat Pasta x2, Barilla Pasta
Special K Cereal x 4 boxes, Special K Bars x 2 boxes, Lean Cuisine x2
*I was able to use a $5/$50 Albertsons coupon as well.*

Winn-Dixie Total: $18.35
Winn-Dixie Savings: $13.66

Hillshire Farm Lil Smokies: 2/$6
Sabretts x2: BOGO $4.39
Can Corn: $.50
Kraft 2% Cheese x2: BOGO $3.39
WhiteWheat Bread x2: BOGO$2.59
Wheat Pita Bread: $1.00
*plus tax, and a charge for an extra can of corn, I did not get~bummer*

Albertsons Total: $13.08
Albertsons Savings: $12.02

Canteloupe: $.50 each
Bag of Onions: $.98
Snack Size Ziplocs: $1.99
Tilapia: BOGO $8.99
*Weekly total is $86.22, so I am $6.22 over, which was fine since I had extra money in the envelope!  This trip does include some stuff for a baby shower I'm helping with, as well as snacks for Bradys turn on the snack helper rotation at school, so I'm feeling very happy with my total spending!

Meal Plan Monday will include all the meals we'll be eating next week! So stay tuned...

I have been asked on more than one occasion, how I possibly have enough time to go to 3 stores.  First, I shop with a list, so I'm not wandering around wondering what to buy.  Second, 2 of these stores are directly across the street, and the other is only a couple miles away.  Third, I grocery shop without the kids!  I plan, and print/cut coupons, during nap time during the week.  And I shop either during school hours, or a time when J can be at home.  Last night I left after dinner, and returned home 1 hour and 45 minutes later.  (I was gimping along with a sore knee, or I might have been even faster!)

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