Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well this post is 'titled' patience for 2 reasons.  The first is that I need your patience, while I work on fine tuning things on the blog.  I know things are 'hanging out' of the sidebar, etc.; I am trying to continue posting, while I 'pretty-up' things around here, and still maintain a balanced home.

SO-please be patient with me.

Second; I have been wanting to do a post about meal planning and grocery budgeting; and there is NO better title, than patience for that topic.  You can not, and I certainly did not get my coupons, grocery budget, and meal plan delivered to my door all wrapped up in a pretty package.  It is most definately something that takes patience, time, and baby steps to accomplish.  If you go out, buy 5 newspapers, try to plan your meals for the month, and slash your grocery budget in half all in one fatal swoop, that is exactly what it will be.  fatal.

Here is what I did, or what I wish I would have done in baby steps.  I'll continue to add to the list slowly so it is not overwhelming.

Where to start:

-Purchase a subscription to a local paper.  For me Wednesday and Sunday are the mandatory days.  Wednesday includes the store sales fliers, and Sunday includes the coupons.  I got a deal for Orlando Sentinel delivered 4 days a week, for the price I was spending to pick up a Sunday paper on the way home from church.  I save in 2 weeks what it costs me for a 3 month subscription.

-When you get your coupons out of the Sunday paper.  Three hole punch em', and stick them in a binder.

See...not so bad!  Baby steps; but you are on your way to saving money by the cartful!

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