Friday, January 8, 2010

Patience~Grocery Shopping/Planning on a Budget, Part 2

If you have managed to get some coupons coming your way, and have figured out how to organize them, you are ready for the next part.

-Meal Plan. Start Slow. Go through your freezer and pantry FIRST. Make a list of 7 meals you can make, using things you already have first.

-Write your grocery list. If its not on the're not buying it. If you can pick it up FREE, then go ahead; otherwise...not on the list...not purchasing!

-Look through your sales ads.  Check here. (shameless plug) Check out the grocery store(s) you frequent on A Full Cup.  Figure out which items you need that your store has on sale.  Check through the coupons you have collected, and cut out the ones that match up with items on your list.

-Next week, do the same thing again.  Once you master this part of the process, you will be ready for the next stage.

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