Friday, January 15, 2010

Patience~Grocery Shopping/Planning on a Budget, Part 3

If you have gotten a good handle on writing down your meals for a week at a time, and making your shopping list, then you are ready for the next phase.  This includes 'stockpiling.'

-This time after you make your meal plan, and grocery list, look for good deals.  This includes anything that is on sale, or BOGO (buy one get one) at Publix, or has some great coupons out there.  Once again, use the internet as your resource for finding these match-ups. 

-You are going to add onto your list things that are a STEAL, but only those 'steals' that you will actually consume, and that don't have to be used immediately.  Cereal for BOGO with coupons that costs $.27/box is considered a STEAL.  Juicy Juice for $.32 a bottle is a STEAL.  Chicken thighs for $.99/lb, a steal.  And so on...

-The things that you will use, that are deeply discounted, you are going to 'stock up' on.  You will add them to your list, and purchase them whether you need to replenish them at home right now, or not.  If you have coupons to buy 4 bottles of Juicy Juice at the above price; you will buy 4 bottles. 

-Take your list and coupons, and go shopping.

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