Thursday, January 21, 2010

Swagbucks Code Available

There is a new swagbuck available!  On the home page, you'll want to go to the special offers.  You'll find it there; instructions are at the top to get you started! 

If you do not already belong to swagbucks, now is a great time to sign up.  It's completely FREE, and you earn 1-5 swagbucks for doing internet searches, and then some extra ones that are randomly available during the week!  You cash them in for GREAT prizes, and rewards.  I save mine to cash in; 45 swagbucks=$5 gift card!

You can click through the link below to sign up.  You'll get 3 just for registering, and then everytime you win, I'll win too.  Once you register, you'll be able to sign up your family and friends underneath you as well!  It is one of my most favorite rewards programs to participate in!

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