Friday, January 8, 2010


Have you joined swagbucks yet?  It is an awesome way to make some extra money, or to earn prizes.  You get swagbucks (points), for searching through their website, for referring friends, and a few times a week they 'hide' different swagcodes, and if you find the code and enter it, earn earn between 1-5 swagbucks.  I cash in 45 swagbucks for $5 dollars as soon as I get enough.  I usually get between 3-5 a day.  This money will sit in my Amazon account, and be used for Christmas shopping at the end of the year!

I will post here as often as I can when there is a new code available!  Which there is today!!!  Sign-up through my link in the box above, or HERE, and automatically earn 3 swagbucks.  Then anytime you visit my blog, and right now even, you can click Swag Codes.  Then click, 'check if there's a swag code.'  If there is, a hint will show up telling you where to look.  Today you can look through the Swagbucks homepage, and Special Offers on the left to find yours!

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