Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Walgreens ~ Clearance Gain Detergent ~$3.79 for 100oz

It is being reported that Walgreens has marked down their large bottles of Gain detergent to $3.79, which is a GREAT deal!

Gain (green bottle) - Ultra Gain plus a Touch of Softenss, Simply Fresh- 100oz - 48 loads, 2x concentrated

Gain (pink bottle) - Ultra Gain Joyful Expressions Apple Mango Tango - 100oz - 48 loads, 2x concentrated

If you find yourself near a Walgreens, this is definately a deal worth checking out!  Have fun saving 'by the cartful', in fact... if you are in Orlando, and notice a cartful supply at a local Walgreens, please let me know!  If I make it to any stores near me, I will add on to this post to tell you what I find!

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