Monday, February 1, 2010

Freezer Cooking Update

Well we are making progress, a tad slower than I had hoped, but progress none the less. 

So far, we have:
-chuck roast cooking in slow cooker
-garlic knots rising
-10 whole wheat waffles (minus 2 that we ate for lunch!)
-2 loaves banana bread in the oven
-ground turkey cooked
-ground beef cooked

Next up:
-re-group kitchen for 2nd half
-'knot' the garlic bread and cook
-cut veggies/shred cheese
-assemble Chimichangas

So far...mushing the bananas wins the award for the most exciting part of Bradys day!  The only casualities are 1 banana, and 2 waffles...we're doing good...

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