Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swagbucks Alert

Swagbucks is changing things up.  They have a fabulous new blog, and they have changed the swagbuck amounts. are getting higher amounts each time.  The prizes are still fabulous, and this is a program you definately want to be a part of if you aren't already!  I have made $20 in money since the beginning of the year!  This is a program I use, and am happy to refer you too!

PLUS...there are swagbucks available today in honor of the 2nd birthday of swagbucks!  Join now, if you haven't already, and make sure to check out the blog to add to your swagbucks right away!  I just got 20!!!  (The values have changed if you are already a member.  $5 gift card = 450 swagbucks)

*If you join under my link, you will automatically receive 30 swagbucks for registering!  Plus, everytime you win for searching, I'll win swagbucks too~up to a certain amount!  Then, you can refer your family and friends to join under you!!!

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