Saturday, March 13, 2010

Putting Family First

You may have noticed my absence from the blog the last couple of days!  I am still here, and still plugging away.  I needed to concentrate on my family this week!  On top of being more busy than we're used too, I wasn't feeling completely up to par.  I had to choose between giving the blog, the little bit of energy I seemed to have, or my family.  While I enjoy bringing you deals, and I enjoy finding them for us to take advantage of as well, the family will always come before the blog.  And this week, that meant the computer had to stay closed up!

We are getting back on track, so you can expect some catch up posts today, as well as a photo op of my grocery shopping trip (s), later this afternoon!

Thanks for your patience, while I put into action, making my family my top priority!  Keep checking back as deals will be coming throughout the day!

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