Monday, November 23, 2009


One of the first and best ways I have found to make the most of our income is through the use of coupons.  I subscribe to our local newspaper which I receive Wed-Sun only.  Wednesday is the day the grocery store ads come, and Sunday is the day the coupons come.  I save so much through the use of the coupons there actually are weeks where I stop by a gas station and pick up a 2nd copy of the Sunday edition. 

I had a very unorganized system, and have just recently switched to a coupon binder.  Its just a simple 3 ring binder (I actually bought it after all the back to school stuff went on sale last August), and I 3-hole punch the inserts and put them into the binder each week.  I do cut out the coupons that I know for sure I will use, particularly those for FREE items, and keep them in a file organizer, the rest stay put with the insert. 

The 2nd main resource I use for coupons is is a great resource, which is completely free.  You can print up to 2 copies of each coupon you want, and I have never had a problem using them at the places I shop.  Check it out...they update all the time!

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