Sunday, January 17, 2010

CVS & Walgreens Pepsi Deal

Both CVS and Walgreens are having deals this week with Pepsi Products.  (They usually do before Super Bowl Sunday!)  I will be shopping at CVS since I can pay for the deal with Extra Bucks I already have, and it won't cost me anything out of pocket!

Here's the breakdown:
Spend $20 on PepsiCo products, earn $10 in Extra Bucks:
Gatorade - $1.25 each ($1/2 G2 1/10 RP)
Sobe - $1.25 each
Pepsi 2L - $1.25 each
Starbucks Frap. -$5.00
Amp Izze - $5.00
Pepsi 8pk - $2.00
Tostitos/Lays Chips - $3.50 each ($1/1 tostitos/stacys-CVS coupon) 
Stacys Chips - $1/1 Stacys

Deal Scenario:
Stacys Chips x 2 -$6.00
Gatorade G2 x 3-  $3.75
Pepsi 2L x 9 -$11.25  (possible hang tags on some 2L)
Use 2-$1/1 Stacys Cvs coupons
Use 2-$1/1 Stacys Manu. Coupons
Use 1 -$1/2 G2 coupons  1/10 RP
Total =$16.00 & Earn $10 in Extra Bucks

Spend $20 on PepsiCo Products and earn $10 RR
Tostitos- 2/$5
Tostitos Dip-2/$5
12 pack Pepsi -5/$15
Pepsi 2L-4/$5
Gatorade -5/$5
$1/1 Stacys

$.55 off when you buy 1 tostitos and 1 dip - 1/17 SS

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Tostitos
Buy 2 Dips
Buy 4 bags Stacys Pita Chips
Use 2-$.55 off tostitos & dip coupons
Use 4-$1/1 Stacys Pita Chips Coupons (you will need to have access to 2 computers to be able to print 4 coupons)

Spend $14.90 out of pocket
Earn back $10 in RR
You get all this for only $4.90!!!

If you live in certain states, you are also elegible for a Rebate through Coors.  There are 4 different rebates offered, 2 of them do not require a beer purchase at all.  Florida is not one of the states included, but many others are, check HERE to see if your state is included.  You would already be purchasing the items through either the CVS or Walgreens deal, and could cash in even further with a rebate check!  SWEET, for all of you who can double dip!

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