Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feb. Freezer Cook Day Game Plan

You check out my post HERE for a list of the recipes I'll be using.  Here is what I 'think' my day is going to look like.

The best Freezer Days are well-planned out!  I made my recipe list, made my master ingredient list, did my shopping, and now I have my recipes pulled, and ready to go, along with the sequence that I'm going to follow to try to maximize my time.

Bradys motto for the day:  'Can we do it?'  'YES WE CAN!!!' 

Sunday: chicken thighs already going in the slow cooker

- chuck roast in slow cooker
- make dough for garlic knots (leave to rise)
- make batter and start cooking whole wheat waffles
- prepare and cook banana bread x 2 - then freeze
- brown ground beef
- brown ground turkey - then freeze

- Stop for picnic lunch outside, and some time to play

- Chop veggies, onion/green pepper/celery/carrots
- Shred Chedder cheese blocks
- Assemble Chimichangas -then freeze
- Knot up the Garlic Knot Dough, bake- then freeze
- Marinate Chicken Breasts -then freeze
- Shred cooked chicken from Sunday
- Assemble Chicken Ziti -then freeze
- Assemble Chicken Tettrazini -then freeze
- Assemble Corn Dog Muffins- cook- then freeze

-Clean up, and RELAX, hopefully my month of cooking will be drastically cut down by the effort I'm putting in!  I will post pictures at the very least, a before and after, so make sure to check back for those!

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