Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy 2010 Frugalistas!!!

Well...its not exactly New Years Day; however, the routine in our house has been a bit out of whack, leaving little time for me to process out my thoughts at the computer.

Tomorrow, is the first day, of our first full week of the new year.  Kelsea is thrilled to be heading back to school, J, is well...he's heading back to work, and Brady and I are establishing a fresh new routine.

Here's some of my 2010 goals to help us maintain a frugal lifestyle:

-Devote a pre-determined amount of time to 'deal-seek', and blog, and STICK to it.  No more jumping back and forth, like a crazy-excited, posting lunatic.  Thats probably how J would describe it!  :)

-Keep a spreadsheet of my savings for all grocery, and household items.  Like Publix, CVS, Target, etc.  Just a tally of what I save, and at what store.

-Share the deals I find, without feeling like I need to JUMP on everyone of them.  Not 'spending' money so I can 'save' money!  :)  (this will be a hard one for me!)

-Stick to a $80/week grocery budget, maximum.

-Increase the amount of healthy foods we have in our regular diets.

-NO debt.

-Increase giving.

-Regular deposits into our emergency fund, our vacation fund, and our household remodeling/repairs fund.

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