Monday, January 4, 2010

What to do with that pile of Christmas Cards???

We love getting Christmas cards.  It seems like more and more of them come with a photo attached, and for those people who we don't see very often, its exciting to see how their family has changed. has been a dilemma for me to just throw them away.  The money, the time, the thought.  I end up taking the stack, and shoving into the back of my hall closet, until the following Christmas, when I'm so excited for the new ones arriving in the mailbox, I don't bat an eye when I drop them into the garbage.  UGH~I hate to admit it.  I throw away all your wonderful cards! Well...that is until this year.

Oh yes...they will still eventually make it into the garbage pail, but not until we have prayed for the family, or couple, or person who sent it, for an entire week.  This idea came from a friend last year.  She mentioned to me when we spoke, 'oh, we've been praying for your family all week, I'm so glad you called!'  The idea is that someone, pulls a card out of the stack; the card gets attached to the fridge; and the sender(s) of that card, gets prayed for at dinner time for the entire week!  Isn't it a great idea?  Go ahead...borrow it...that's what I'm doing.  Give a little something back to the person who 'cared enough to send you their best!'

And...if you sent us a card this year; you can bet, we'll be thinking about you and praying for you, even when you don't know it!

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