Friday, February 12, 2010

Publix Trip ~ 2/11 ~ $107.41 for $31.69 after deals & rebates!

This was a marathon publix trip for me!
First, I purchased a $50 American Express gift card, and used the coupon on the front of the sales flyer, to get a FREE $10 Publix gift card with any $50 Am. Express gift card purchase!  There is an activation fee of $4.95.
I spent: $54.95
I got $50 American Express
$10 Publix Gift Card FREE w/coupon on insert
+$5.05 PROFIT!!!
This coupon can be picked on the inserts in store as well, so you can all take advantage of this deal!

Then, I took my $50 American Express, and my $10 Publix cards, and went shopping. I did 2 seperate transactions, it was just easier for me, since 1 is for a rebate.

Spent: $14.54 (after coupons)
Saved: $20.33
+ Mail In Rebate = $10 Publix Gift Card
Final out of pocket = $4.54

Here is the information & rebate form if you are interested, it is valid up until Feb. 13, so you need to go shopping ASAP to take advantage!
There was a coupon booklet in Publix, that had multiple coupons that I took advantage of for this rebate! *Remember you can also stack one Publix or competitors coupon with a manufacturer coupon for EACH item. 
*I also used a $5/$30 Winn-Dixie coupon I received in a mailer!

Transaction #2:
Spent: $32.20
Saved: $40.34

You can view the list of BOGO's with match-ups HERE.
And go HERE to view your full weekly ad.
I'm not going to post a breakdown of what I bought this week, but if you have questions about any of the deals, or items I bought; I'm happy to answer!

Taking everything into account:
I purchased $107.41 worth of groceries.
I spent $46.74 out of pocket
(Minus the $5.05 I MADE buying the American Express card)
SO, I really spent $41.69 out of pocket (well...out of the envelope!)
Plus~I have a $10 Publix gift card on the way for the rebate.

So out of pocket when all is said and done = $31.69
$107.41 of groceries!
Best trip to DATE!

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  1. Great Job! Congrats on your Best trip to Date!


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