Friday, February 5, 2010

Publix Trip 2/4

Wow!  Did I load up my cart this week!  I was reminded of a lesson that I have had to learn the hard way time and again...don't go shopping with the family unless its a last resort.  (by family, I mostly mean husband!)  I can get the kids a cookie at Publix, and it usually keeps most of the 'can I have that?' at bay, but 2 cookies later, and Jason was still loading 'things' into the cart! :)
Here's my 'cartful':

Spent: $52.78
Saved: $74.61
Thats a savings of 59%!!!

You can check out my full list with coupon match ups HERE.
Eat Smart Broccoli: $1.67
Broccoli Salad Kit: $2.99
Publix Bread: $1.29
Bananas: $1.24
Crackerfuls x2: BOGO $3.39 (used 2-$1/1 HERE)
Doritos x2: BOGO $3.99
Sugar Wafers: $1.99
Baby Carrots: $1.25
Juicy Juice x2: BOGO $2.99
Split Chicken Breasts: $3.94
Red Grapes: $2.96
Pork SpareRibs: $5.02
Ball Park Beef Franks x2: BOGO $3.99(used $.75/2 1/10RP)
Cheese Its x2: BOGO (used $1/2 from Publix 'party recipes' coupon book)
Nabisco Crackers x2: BOGO $3.39 (used $1/2 ???)
Yoplait Kids Yogurt x2: BOGO $2.79 (used $1/2 -1/3GM)
Kelloggs Special K x2: BOGO $3.99(used BOGO -internet coupon-no longer avail)
Kelloggs Granola x2:BOGO $3.99 (used BOGO internet coupon-no longer avail
Dixie Plates x 2: BOGO $2.93 (used $.55/1 -1/24 RP)
Dixie Napkins x1: $1.99 (used peelie to get these w/purchase of 2 dixie plates)
***I would have gotten TWO FREE except they were out of the 200ct packages**
Chobani Yogurt: $1.00 (used $1/1 ???)
Publix Eggs x 2: $1.89 (used BOGO coupon -HERE)
Velveeta Shells n Cheese x 2: BOGO $2.49 (used $1/2- HERE)
Rootbeer: $1.50
Diet Pepsi: $1.50
Cranberry Juice: $2.99
Milk: $3.19

*I also used a $5/$50 purchase Albertsons competitor coupon*

*this post is linked up with other Super Savers at Fiddledeedee!*


  1. Thats alot of typing! Great Job and i love your blog name!

  2. Nice job! Thanks for joining in this week!

    I love your layout by the way - one of my faves from ShabbyBlogs :)


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