Monday, March 1, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day Update

The day started off wonderfully~a perfectly clean kitchen, and a happy 3 year old ready to help out mom in the kitchen!
Cooking began around 10:00ish, since I had a doctors appointment this morning.  I thought for SURE I'd be cleaning up by the time I went to pick up Kelsea at 3:00. 

The day started with me realizing I did not have the right amount of yeast for my garlic knots.  I proceeded anyway, it was too late to turn back, but we have to see if this little 'oversight' is going to result in the garlic knots visiting the garbage.  (they seemed to rise alright, so I'm thinking they'll be alright!)

I realized about 45 minutes into the day, that I had myself cutting chicken, while cooking waffles, I had to slow down a bit.  (or wash my hands 15 times, and take the chance of raw chicken germs~GROSS!) 
It was worth the wait though...these chicken fingers are yummy!

THEN, I realized I was missing an ingredient I needed for my chicken cordon bleu, so I couldn't assemble it as planned.
I finally DID get the cordon bleu finished...
And realized that I have 0 saran wrap to cover it up with!  It's hanging out in the fridge till I can make it to the store.  It looks to wonderful to have it get icicles from the freezer.

I will post pictures of the final product later this evening when I get the calzones done. I'm skipping out on the meatballs until tomorrow, I'm going to quit while I'm still a little bit ahead! And YES, I will include a picture of 'my mess.'  Just because...

And let this be a lesson learned, even a well planned out day, can still make for a bumpy ride! :)

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