Monday, March 1, 2010

March Freezer Cooking Day Plan

Here is a photo of the groceries I picked up from Albertsons.  My total spent was $47.44, and that included the rest of my regular groceries and the list of items I needed for my Freezer Cooking Day.  SO, my total for the week, is right at $70, $10 under budget!

Here's my game plan for my Freezer Cooking Day today.  ('work smarter, not harder'; plan out your cooking day, it saves alot of time and energy the day of!)

1. Make dough for garlic biscuits - let rise
2. Make dough for drop biscuits, roll out, FREEZE
3. Make waffle mix, start waffles (I will continue to make waffles while working on the next steps, since I have to make them one at a time)
4. Cut 3 chicken breasts into cubes (kabobs)
5. Cut 3 chicken breasts into strips (chicken tenders)
6. Marinate chicken cubes, FREEZE
7. Prepare flour-bread mix -chicken tenders
8. Dip chicken tenders, and fry
9. Slice carrots
10.  Assemble Chicken Cordon Bleu
11. Form garlic knots- let rise
12. Chop 1 1/2 onions
13. Shred 3 cups chedder
14. Drain/Rinse Black Beans
15. Brown 1.5 pounds ground beef and onions
16. Assemble Enchilada Bake, FREEZE
17. Assemble Meatballs, FREEZE
18. Brown Sausage
19. Assemble Calzones
20. Make pancakes

Clean, and REST!  Whew!  It. Is. Worth. It.  It. Is. Worth. It!  ;)

I will post pictures and updates throughout the day.  Twitter will be updated more frequently than the blog, so make sure you click the link to the right to follow me on twitter!

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