Monday, March 1, 2010

Waffles n Chicken...DO NOT mix!!!

So, I am thinking of the quote I posted in my last blog.  'Think Smarter, not Harder.'  Well, I am not too prideful to admit, that I fell short.  This occurred to me, just as I was cutting my 1st chicken breast, and I heard the beep from the waffle maker.  Um...cutting chicken.  Need to get out waffle.  MUST wash hands thoroughly.  Thus began my every 2 minute cycle.  Cut chicken, hear the 'beep,' wash hands, empty, and refill waffle maker, then back to the chicken.

Needless to say; this lasted about 3 times, before I just had to laugh at the predicament I got myself into.  WHAT was I thinking?  NOT a good game plan.  I assure you this won't happen again!

Here's what's been done:
1) Prepare dough for garlic knots
2)Prepare dough for drop biscuits - FREEZE
3) Prepare waffle mix, and start using waffle iron
4) Cut chicken/ 4 breasts for kabobs/3 breasts for chicken fingers
5) Marinate chicken for kabobs -FREEZE

Up next: (still continuing to finish waffles)
6) Prepare flour-bread mix
7) Fry chicken fingers

We're going to break after I finish up the chicken fingers and enjoy some lunch.  And I'll post some pictures!

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